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Nov 28,2022

Why Are Kraft Paper Bags So Popular? – Here Are the Top Reasons

Everyone in the market carries kraft paper bags. We all see shoppers in the market carrying various types of these bags in different prints but with the same material. What makes these bags so preferable for both buyers and sellers? Even after many years, they are still ruling the industry with mega production size. After all, in this modern world, we have many options. Still, we use these kraft bags comfortably for various shopping types. There are some reasons that make these bags evergreen. You can know those reasons before you order wholesale China kraft paper bags for your business. Many businesses love these bags because of their functionality and benefits. We have collected five reasons that make them amazingly beautiful.


Non-Plastic and Recyclable 

They are evergreen bags with the best feature of biodegradability. No matter how much they are produced, they are not a threat to the Earth. If we compare it to plastic, it is much safer than it. It can easily dissolve in water as well as in the soil. They are made up of wood pulp, which makes them safe to use. Many brands look for eco-friendly ways for green packaging. These kraft paper bags are the perfect fit for them. To make it much better, some use medium or low-quality kraft paper bags to keep the pollution at a minimum level. These biodegradable bags can also be recycled easily. This recyclability feature helps them to be used for other purposes. You can manufacture other goods in their recycled form like book covers, sheets, etc. What makes them really beneficial is that neither they damage the lives of animals nor humans. You will never find any incident where these bags have choked any living thing.  


Easy to Carry and Foldable 

You can easily carry them in your car and at home. All you can do is just fold them and reuse them whenever you need them. All they will have is just a few creases and they will be back in shape. Moreover, many people have a pack of kraft bags, which they carry in their homes. Whenever they need to go shopping, they can use these bags to avoid unnecessary plastic bags. Some people carry them in their automobiles to keep documents in a stable form. Yes, you can use these bags for your documents to avoid any crease on papers. 


Can Hold Various Items

Grocery, clothes, footwear, books, and even jewelry, you can carry almost anything in kraft paper bags. Of course, you can’t carry any liquid or fragile item in them but they are very handy. You can carry dry food like bread, eggs, biscuits, burgers, and even pizza slices. They are not harmful like some types of plastic bags. Moreover, kraft paper bags do not emit toxins when you carry any hot item in them. This is why you can use them for food items without any risk. That is also a reason why you might have noticed them as the most common material for shopping bags. You can read about that below.   


Easily Printable for Brands

Many brands use them for simple printing and marketing purposes. Besides using the just as a bag, marketers use them as a promotional tool also. You can see creative printing and designs on them. They can absorb printing ink much easier than plastic and other materials. Clothing brands heavily rely on these brands to attract users to their brand image. Even a tiny logo can have a massive impact on the audience. To save cost and time in production, most brands order China kraft paper bags. Many Chinese wholesale manufacturers of kraft paper bags supply to numerous buyers around the world at budget-friendly rates. Also, customization service helps brands get exactly what they want for their beloved customer.


Highly Cost-Effective

They are very economical for manufacturers all around the world. That is why you would see their massive consumption in the FMCG industry. Almost every brand uses kraft paper bags to keep their goods. Every shoe brand whether it is sports or formal uses kraft paper bags to maintain the standards of packaging. Plastic bags require polythene raisins to completely come in shape but these bags are cheap and low-cost because of the abundance of wood pulp in the world. Also, bulk manufacturers of kraft paper bags get low cost of production. This helps them meet the massive needs of different markets. If you own a business, you can also use these bags to distribute your goods to your customers. They are cheap and affordable, which can help you save some expenses.  

These were some main benefits of using kraft bags and you can also order them to fulfill your needs of distribution. Your customers will be satisfied by using your product in a nice kraft paper bag. 

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