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Top Notch Tags Supplier That Can Enrich Your Packaging

Shenzhen Parfait Industry Co., Ltd. has the simplest but the most attractive tags for your products. Your products will get a boost when you use our custom tags. The branding of your product will reach its peak after that. This is how we manufacture tags for the most fascinating presentation.

Don’t worry about the environment because we use biodegradable tags. They have hemp strings, which are safe for recycling and discarding activities. The appearance of our tags meets the purpose of marketing. You can try our gift tags and price tags for high visibility of your product.

Supplying Tags to Global Buyers in Bulk at Reduced Price 

Tags of Parfait Packaging are pocket-friendly for bulk buyers. We are a top notch tags supplier with a low-cost supply. Our supply goes worldwide for all the buyers in the world. They can approach us for tags in large volumes. We have bargain prices for everyone who wants bulk supply. These tags are available for all of you if you want to purchase them at a cut price.

Find Custom Shapes and Sizes with Other Features of Tags

Perfumes, sweets, electronics, clothes, and cosmetics all need our tags. Get customized production from Parfait Packaging because we are a top notch tag supplier. We manufacture them in square, rectangle, round, oval, arched, and custom shapes. Parfait Packaging uses kraft paper, duplex paper, offset paper, and black paperboard in production. Also, we use coated art paper, paperboard, ivory board, and PVC for these tags. We provide custom messages, logos, images, and designs on hanging tags. That includes custom color printing also.

Why is Parfait Packaging the Best Choice for You?

You should also choose Shenzhen Parfait Industry Co., Ltd. We claim to be a top name in the industry because we go with accuracy. Also, we use eco-friendly materials like hemp, kraft, etc. It makes our tags remarkable and safe for the environment. To go global, we comply with Disney, ISO9001, SGS, and FSC standards.