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Packaging Design

Packaging design is a value-added service at Parfait. We aim to reduce the cost and time for our clients, especially for those clients whom just start their business, yet they still not have their own design team. We will help them from concept stage to final production with packaging design, structure analysis, production using paper/material selection.

Sample Making

Based on the approval artwork. We start to develop the sample and send to our clients for final approval or modification. Before this, we will check and test on the sample, make reports and record videos and send to our clients for evaluation.

Production Management

Our production managers oversee the whole manufacturing process for your order, to ensure production goals and quality standards are met. From raw material planning, capacity planning, production planning, quality control etc. we take care of every details for your orders.


Checking, Double Checking, Triple Checking

We have our own dedicated QC team and also work with several large third-party inspection company to ensure your packaging is delivered on high standards. If you have a specific requirement in mind, we'll work with you to inspection packaging according to check points you provided.

Hassle Free Logistics

We have been cooperated with many good reputation shipping agents/forwarders in different locations in China, we will optimize and find you the best shipping option and channels to balance on both delivery time and cost-effective. Tracking and reporting the shipping status throughout the entire process.


PARFAIT is your packaging partner, we aim to make it easy for our clients business – and with our co-packing and fulfilment services, it is also your extended workbench. As part of our commitment to provide a complete, one-stop packaging service we can assemble your packaging or POS displays for you. We can store them for you, or label them and prepare them for dispatch. Leave it to us –our dedicated team will simplify the supply chain and minimize the costs -we’ve got this.