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China Luxury Gift Box Manufacturer – Impressive Gift Boxes for Any Event

Gifts need compatible boxes to appear more luxurious. You can get them from Shenzhen Parfait Industry Co., Ltd. We have the most attractive gift boxes for everyone in the industry. To meet that finesse, we use grey cardboard for the production. These reusable gift boxes have a pleasant appearance for any type of gift. Likewise, you can use them for perfumes, candies, sweets, ornaments like jewelry and watches, etc.

Everything will look irresistible in our gift boxes, and there is no doubt about that. You can find our gift boxes in pyramid, cylindrical, paper-pillow, and regular shapes. They have too much delicacy for the gift people want to keep in them. We have lid and base boxes, as well as, drawer-type boxes for you. 

Get Customization for The Type of Branding You Seek 

Buyers can ask us for custom production of gift boxes. We have lots of options for customization in the gift boxes for you. For instance, you can choose colors, designs, shapes, sizes, and accessories. These custom options make us a top China luxury gift box manufacturer. 

We use art paper, metallic paper, textured paper, etc. We also use white and grey kraft papers for the gift boxes. We use accessories and materials of different kinds. For fragile gifts, we offer pillows and sponges for cushioning. This includes matte lamination along with metallic-color foil of different types. 

Find Wholesale Supply of Luxury Gift Boxes 

You can ask us to manufacture gift boxes at a low cost. We have very low prices for all the buyers in the wholesale industry. Along with customization, we offer wholesale rates. You should consider us a China luxury gift box supplier for discounted prices. Our wholesale supply of gift boxes makes us a top name in the industry. We will always be available for you with reasonable rates in the market.

What Makes Us the Best Choice for You?

Shenzhen Parfait Industry Co., Ltd. is the best in the industry because of many reasons. Since we are an OEM and ODM of gift boxes, we use international standards. These standards make us a trusted name for buyers. We have SGS, Disney, FSC, and ISO9001 certifications to stay ahead of the competition. As a packaging company, we have a team of experts who follow reliable modes of production.