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All Acrylic sheets can safely withstand heat up to the temperature of 176°F (80°C) before becoming more supple. This renders plenty of heat resistance for open-air environments.

Wholesale Rigid Box Distributor for Sustainable and Flexible Packaging   

Get any kind of packaging box from Shenzhen Parfait Industry Co., Ltd. Whatever you want to pack in them, just reach us for bulk quantities. Our boxes meet top-quality production for the safety of the content inside them. For gifts, food, luxury items, or anything, they are the most suitable boxes. That is why they are food-grade boxes for the safety of perishable items. If you want to present delicate items, they are perfect for that. 

What Kind of Boxes Do We Offer?

The presentation of goods in our boxes is unmatchable. We manufacture boxes for cosmetics, jewelry, perfumes, chocolates, watches, pizza, flowers, tea, etc. We make a huge range of boxes in different forms for compatibility of products. You can ask us to manufacture any kind of box for any kind of product you sell. We can meet the shape, design, and other details easily. 

Get Customization to Enhance the Beauty and Functions of Boxes

You can find our boxes multifunctional and more exquisite than other boxes. We are a wholesale rigid box distributor who has custom service for you. We can use any color, size, and design for the production of packaging boxes.

This includes different forms of printing as per the product you want to present in them. You can find art paper, textured paper, metallic paper, and other materials in custom service. We do embossing, debossing, and laminate printing on these boxes as per the request of buyers. 

The Most Reasonable Prices are Available for You 

To purchase packaging boxes at an inexpensive price, you should reach Shenzhen Parfait Industry. We have bulk production for all the buyers out there.

Our large supply of gift boxes makes us a wholesale rigid box supplier in the world. This substantial production of custom boxes is available only at factory rates for you. So, if you want to purchase rigid boxes from us at discounted rates, we are always available.

What Makes Parfait Packaging a Suitable Supplier?

Shenzhen Parfait Industry Co., Ltd. is a wholesaler that has custom service, low prices, and top quality. Our team of packaging experts meets each requirement of production. We are a supplier who has SGS, Disney, FSC, and ISO9001 certifications. Since we have OEM and ODM services, you can choose us for future orders.