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Labels & Stickers Supplier That Has Waterproof and Durable Labels 

Make your product more visible and attractive with catchy and the finest labels. Shenzhen Parfait Industry Co., Ltd. can manufacture any kind of sticker and label for its buyers. We manufacture waterproof labels so they can survive in moist conditions.

That includes oily surfaces, and this is why we make them oilproof, too. Not only that, we make them heat-resistant for hot environments. In this way, we use various materials for the production of stickers and labels. To illustrate, we use adhesive art paper, adhesive vinyl, clear BOPP, kraft paper, and silver BOPP.

Customized Labels and Stickers for Any Type of Product

You can ask us to manufacture every type of label or sticker for products. That could be for personal care products, food items, beverages, etc. Parfait Packaging is a creative labels & stickers supplier that focuses on many elements. We make these labels creative, catchy, durable, and informational. That’s why we offer customization in color, size, shape, edge, etc. You can find sheets, rolls, and pieces of stickers and labels at Parfait packaging. Your branding activity only needs us to provide you with custom labels for an attractive campaign.

Cheap Prices for Bulk Buyers of Labels and Stickers 

Purchase stickers and labels at factory rates from us. You can get that from a wholesale labels & stickers supplier. We are a wholesaler who can meet your budget. Our low prices will keep the affordability high for you. There will be opportunities for you so you can purchase stickers at low prices. Parfait Packaging supplies labels to wholesale buyers in the industry. 

Parfait Packaging Leads with the Finest Quality and Standards 

Shenzhen Parfait Industry Co., Ltd. maintains the quality of stickers and labels through many efforts. Our team goes through each element to meet with color and surface quality. That is why we follow SGS, FSC, and ISO9001 standards. Our team works on designing and manufacturing custom labels for each buyer. In the end, we complete the process with strict quality control.