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  • 100% degradable Color Printing Yellow Zip-lock Bag for Clothes
  • 100% degradable Color Printing Yellow Zip-lock Bag for Clothes
  • 100% degradable Color Printing Yellow Zip-lock Bag for Clothes
  • 100% degradable Color Printing Yellow Zip-lock Bag for Clothes

100% Degradable Color Printing Yellow Zip-lock Bag For Clothes

Item No: P0601009

Material: Cornstarch PLA + PBAT

Size/Shape: 250x200mm

Thickness: 12 micron

Printing: Gravure printing

Logo: OEM and ODM are available

MOQ: 50000pcs

Delivery Time: 10-15days

HS Code: 3923210000

Certificate: En13432/AS 4736/ASTM D 6400


Color  Multi-color printing available (max. 12C)
Material  PLA+PBAT Corn Starch
Printing Flexo printing, Gravure printing
Bag Type T-shirt vest bag, Soft loop handle bag, Die-cut bag,Side Gusset Bag, Flat bag, Drawstring bag
Thickness 8micron-100micron
Load Weight 3-8KG or more
Usage Shopping, clothing, grocery, retail, daliy use etc
ODM/OEM  Accepted
Artwork Formats PDF , AI, EPS, Gif etc in 300 dpi
Customized Color/Size/Printing/Logo/bag types are all available for customization.
Packing Standard export carton or customer's request

Product Features:     

- 99.9% biodegradable.Polylactic acid was combined with compostable biodegradable petroleum base, granulated again, and then blown into translucent opalescent soft film.

- Flexible, soft to the touch, printable.

- Can be used in the manufacture of sealed bags, zipper bags, handbags, mail bags and so on.

- After use, it is buried in the soil or compost is completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water in the microbial environment for 3-6 months to become organic fertilizer and return to nature.

- The material degrades only in the presence of microorganisms and moisture.

- Please keep away from the light, keep away from moisture, keep away from long-term high temperature, use carton sealed packing, can keep for 12-18 months.

- Environmentally friendly products, harmless, non-toxic, green, biodegradable, no "white pollution".

- Raw materials have been certified by OK Compost, Home Compost, BPI in the United States, DIN in Germany, in line with EN13432 AS5810 standard.

- The whole bag passed industrial compost test and SGS-FDA food contact safety test, and met the environmental protection requirements of most countries such as European Union, North America and Asia.

 - The whole biodegradable plastic packaging film is modified by the blending of polyadipic acid/butylene terephthalate (PBAT) and polylactic acid (PLA)

- Total biodegradation, complete degradation of water and carbon dioxide in nature (photosynthetic soil) or under industrial composting conditions in 180-360 days

- The production of biodegradable materials does not depend on petroleum. It is mainly extracted from living things

- Wide thickness processing range, capable of continuous and stable processing of single-layer thin film 0.04mm-2.0mm finished bags

- Good tensile strength and elongation. No matter it is drawn laterally or longitudinally, the bag is very strong, and its tensile force and load-bearing force are twice as much as the traditional new material bag

- Reduce the harm to animals and plants

- Excellent product performance more stable, longer shelf storage life

- No plasticizer such as glycerin. No viscosity and no oil during processing and placement

- Good sealing and moisture proof