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Enhance Grocery and Shopping Experience with Non-Woven Bags Supplier 

Shenzhen Parfait Industry Co., Ltd. is the solution to your shopping experience. Without a grocery or carriage bag, it is not easy to do shopping. We are supplying non-woven bags for all businesses and direct consumers. Carry clothes, food, medicines, toys, and electronics because our tote bags are very reliable. You can store whatever you want in them. They are suitable for picnics, grocery, office, and for general use. The strength of the fabric meets its purpose of high load-bearing.

Design, Size, Fabric, Color, Printing, and Other Custom Facilities

We can do logo printing along with size and color customization in non-woven bags. Our customization includes various things; you can choose the design and shape of bags. This is why we are a non-woven bags supplier with custom services. The fabrics we use are PP fabric, PLA natural corn fiber, cotton, jute, etc. We have natural corn fiber also for the production of eco-friendly bags.

Find Discounts and Large Supply of Non-Woven Bags 

Get the most reasonable prices for non-woven bags at Parfait Packaging. You need to purchase them in bulk, and then you will avail of low prices. The cost-effective production of non-woven bags takes place here. We offer factory rates to buyers because we are a non-woven bags supplier. This makes our supply go worldwide at reasonable rates. You will always get remarkable discounts from us. We encourage all the buyers in the retail and wholesale businesses to purchase our non-woven bags.

How Does Parfait Packaging Prove to be a Certified Supplier?

There are many advantages to choosing Shenzhen Parfait Industry Co., Ltd. The biggest advantage is the production quality you get from us. We are a certified supplier with AZO-free, low cadmium, and ISO9001 standards. We do large production since we are an OEM and ODM. You can find our non-woven carry bags much more durable and long-lasting.