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All Acrylic sheets can safely withstand heat up to the temperature of 176°F (80°C) before becoming more supple. This renders plenty of heat resistance for open-air environments.

Shenzhen Parfait Industry Co Ltd- A Leading Wholesale Rigid Box Distributor

Shenzhen Parfait Industry Co Ltd is the best maker of rigid boxes. We utilize our modern equipment, advanced technology, highly competent staff and a team of specialists to produce our high-quality rigid boxes. You must not be concerned about the quality of our rigid boxes. This is because our international quality inspection team assesses their quality every day and our global quality inspection team consists of quality inspectors from across the world. Our latest machinery and highly skilled workforce have enabled us to sell our high-quality rigid boxes at prices lesser than our competitors in the highly competitive market.

Specifications, Benefits And Uses Of Rigid Boxes

Our high-quality rigid boxes are composed of robust paperboard overlaid with embellished and printed paper, leather or fabric wraps. Different people and businesses use them to pack delicate or luxury products like confectionary food, pens, mobile accessories, electronics, perfumes, cosmetics and watches. We sell our high-quality rigid boxes in many sizes, shapes and styles to meet the versatile packing needs of businesses. Our high-quality rigid boxes are ideal for packing luxury goods because of their sturdy and durable build. You must not be concerned about the safety of the goods you have packed inside our high-quality rigid boxes. This is because breaking our rigid boxes is not easy, and therefore, they can safeguard delicate commodities. In addition to that, our high-quality rigid boxes will help cut down your shipping costs as they are highly durable.

Environment-Friendly Rigid Boxes

As a very well-known wholesale rigid box distributor, we pack our rigid boxes using environmentally friendly packaging so that our packing does not harm the environment, which is one of our priorities. Likewise, we employ environment-friendly manufacturing methods to produce our high-quality rigid boxes so that our production methods do not harm the environment. Please do not worry about receiving orders after the delivery deadlines. This is because we rigorously meet our delivery deadlines and will get our high-quality rigid boxes supplied to you through our shipping contractor in the best possible manner.